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Engineering: Mechanics of fluids
Engineering: general
Production and industrial engineering
Introduction to Industrial Engineering  book cover

Introduction to Industrial Engineering

CC BY (Attribution)  5 H5P Activities    English

Author(s): Bonnie Boardman

Subject(s): Production and industrial engineering

Publisher: Mavs Open Press

Last updated: 07/02/2023

This book was created for an undergraduate Introduction to Industrial Engineering course at The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).  The chapters give an overview of the profession and an introduction to some of the tools used by industrial engineers in industry.  There are interactive content exercises included at the end of most chapters.  This interactive content aims to engage students in the content as they are reading.  The book will continue to revised and updated with new information as it becomes necessary.  More interactive content will be added to the end of each chapter in future versions of the book.
Applied Fluid Mechanics Lab Manual book cover

Applied Fluid Mechanics Lab Manual

CC BY (Attribution)   English

Author(s): Habib Ahmari, Shah Md Imran Kabir

Editor(s): Ginny Bowers

Subject(s): Engineering: general, Engineering: Mechanics of fluids

Publisher: Mavs Open Press

Last updated: 04/01/2023

Basic engineering knowledge about fluid mechanics is required in various sectors of water resources engineering, such as designing hydraulic structure on any riverine environments and flood mitigation process. The objective of this book is to enable students to understand fundamental concepts in the field of fluid mechanics and apply those concepts in practice. Applied Fluid Mechanics Lab Manual is designed to enhance civil engineering students’ understanding and knowledge of experimental methods and basic principles of fluid mechanics. The ten experiments in this lab manual provide an overview of widely used terms and phenomena of fluid mechanics and open channel flow, which are required for solving engineering problems.