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2Voyant Tools & The Narrative of the Life of Frederick DouglassIframe Embedder
3Voyant Tools Home ScreenImage Hotspots
4The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two MinutesImage Hotspots
5Visualizing Workloads & The Big 7Image Hotspots
7Beyonce at the Grammys vs Beyonce at BET by Lucien LiImage Hotspots
8Largest Vocabulary In Hip HopImage Hotspots
9Outkast, In ChartsImage Hotspots
10Visualizing EmancipationImage Hotspots
11Beginning with a dataset of 300 African American textsImage Hotspots
14Visualizing Edward P. JonesImage Hotspots
15TheJayZMixtapeImage Hotspots
16Small Data Black DH ProjectsImage Hotspots
17The Edward P. Jones Edited CollectionImage Hotspots
18Getting Started with Tableau: Visualizing Jay-Z's SamplesImage Hotspots
19Uploading Data To Tableau Public - Data InterpreterImage Hotspots
20Tableau DashboardImage Hotspots
21Getting Started with Tableau Public: Jay-Z's SamplesInteractive Video
22ArcGIS, Edward P. Jones, and Lost in the CityImage Hotspots
23Signifying & SamplingIframe Embedder
24How to Video - Jay-Z Collabs - SampleInteractive Video
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