2.1 Start Now!

RaeAnna Jeffers

Learning Objectives

At the end of this section, the learner will:
  • Identify how they are currently spending time in a typical week.
  • Prioritize weekly activities into categories.
  • Reflect on a one-week time audit and make adjustments as necessary.


Learning to manage your time is an important and powerful skill to learn in college. How you manage your time shapes your life’s path. Your use of time can be the difference between meeting your long-term goals and missing the mark. Focusing your attention and time on the things that matter most ensures you are achieving the life you want. This chapter aims to help you accomplish that!

Watch Lauren Vanderkam’s short video: How to gain control of your free time.


Notes for Student Success:

This exercise will help you prioritize your time so when you are in 12 hour clinicals in nursing school, you will easily be able to manage your time!


How are you spending your 168 hours each week?

How you are currently spending your time? Understanding your use of time allows you to re-prioritize so that the things that are most important to you are getting appropriate attention. This is best done before you start planning your course schedule each semester, but you can do this any time you want better control over your use of time.



2.1 Activity: One-Week Time Audit

One-Week Time Audit

Complete the following activity to explore your schedule:

Track your schedule for one week using the time audit workbook provided. Save the workbook as you will need to refer to it again later:


Follow these steps:

Section 1 Review Questions








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