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This textbook was created for nursing intended students to provide a single resource for the most fundamental tools for success. The chapters and activities provide keys for success both inside and outside of the classroom, starting with time management and moving through study and test taking strategies. Self-care is a focus to help students identify how to care for their best self, which will carry on through the nursing profession to avoid burn out. Using the library is foundational for students to be successful with their coursework and evidence based practice in the future. Finally, there is a section on career planning to help guide a student into critical steps to start their journey to becoming a nurse.

Creation Process

When the team members first heard about Open Education Resources, they immediately began to explore how to provide a nursing-specific resource to UTA students. While there are resources for nursing students, and new-to-college students in general, there is a paucity of material that is geared to pre-nursing students that can carry them through to graduation. These three people: a nurse faculty member, a librarian, and another librarian (who happens to be a nurse), came together to create this book that includes the most important tools for success. We recruited a social worker working on his dissertation in self-care to provide valuable information on that topic, and in the Fall of 2021, are piloting this resource in five sections of the Student Success course of freshman nursing intended students. Following this pilot period, the book will be revised with input from faculty and students prior to publication.

We are thrilled that this open resource is free to students, and the activities included can be used by instructors in other introduction courses throughout the nursing program. In addition, this information can be easily adapted to kinesiology or public health majors, those seeking other health profession degrees, and beyond.

About the AuthorS

Leslie Jennings is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and has been a member of the UTA faculty since 2010. She is the Freshman Nurse Scholar Coordinator for CONHI and serves as lead faculty for two courses. She is passionate about helping pre-nursing students begin the process of professional socialization to the field of nursing as well as helping them learn the tools they need to be successful. Leslie is currently pursuing her PhD in Nursing, with a research focus on retention in nursing education.

Laura Haygood is a Research and Education Librarian at Lewis Library, on the University of North Texas Health Science Center campus. She supports students, faculty, and residents in UNTHSC’s DO and pharmacy colleges. Laura loves teaching evidence-based medicine and connecting users to the resources they need. Furthermore, she advocates for accessibility across campus and in her professional organizations.

RaeAnna  Jeffers is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries and a Registered Nurse trained in Health Informatics. Her passion is to facilitate access to quality information for health professionals to improve evidence-based practice and outcomes for all. RaeAnna begins pursuit of her PhD in Health Informatics in the Spring of 2022.

Craig Keaton is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas Arlington School of Social Work. He received his Bachelor of Science in University Studies with an interdisciplinary emphasis in the biological sciences and his Master of Social Work with a health concentration. Craig’s passion is helping people lead a more natural and nature-based lifestyle for individual and community health. Currently, Craig’s doctoral research includes Self-Care for Helping Professionals and Students; College Student Health/Mental Health Support; Nature and Healing; Arts-Based Education; and Interdisciplinary Health Practice.


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Strategies for Success in Nursing School: From Start to Finish by Leslie Jennings, RN; RaeAnna Jeffers; Laura Haygood; and Craig Keaton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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