Derivative Notes

This open textbook is based on the open textbook Scientific Inquiry in Social Work by Matthew DeCarlo. Licensing information can be found in the front matter. The following index details where content was used in this manuscript.  New content (as noted below) indicates major additions, such as chapters, sections, subsections, or key concepts that I created.

Minor revisions not noted below include editing language for clarity, length, and flow as well as corrections to and additions of hyperlinks and citations.  Other revisions not listed below include removing first person language and references to sections of the DeCarlo text that were not included in the guidebook.

Chapter 1

  • Content from DeCarlo, Chapter 2
  • New content in Section 1.1 contributed by Jandel Crutchfield
  • Section 1.2 was reorganized with added headers and new content about Government Sources
  • New content about UTA resources

Chapter 2

  • Content from DeCarlo, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  • Content from DeCarlo, Chapter 4
  • New content
    • Writing Resources at the University of Texas at Arlington

Chapter 4

  • Content from DeCarlo, Chapter 8

Appendix A & Appendix B

  • New content contributed by Brooke Troutman


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Guidebook for Social Work Literature Reviews and Research Questions Copyright © 2020 by Rebecca Mauldin and Matthew DeCarlo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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