Appendix B: Questions for Critiquing Qualitative Research Articles



What is the social problem being addressed?  What is the research question(s) being asked?
What has been studied or determined already in the manuscript’s literature review?
Do you see any gaps in the literature?


Why is this research important to the field of social work?
What were the objective(s) and research question(s) of the study?  What type of qualitative approach (e.g., narrative, grounded theory, case study, and ethnography) was used and is this appropriate to meet the objective(s) of the study?
What sampling technique(s) was used for this study?  Was it appropriate for answering the study’s research questions?
What methods were used for data collection?  Who collected the data (and was this appropriate)? Was the data collected in a sufficient way for the scope of the study?

Results and Discussion

Describe the procedures used to analyze the data. What did the researchers find during the study?
What are the limitations of the study?
What steps did the researchers take to ensure the rigor of the results?  Specifically address trustworthiness, credibility, and authenticity. Do these steps seem sufficient?
Are the findings adequately characterized in the manuscript’s discussion/conclusions?

Next steps

Do the authors/researchers discuss the contributions of their findings to the field of social work?  Do they offer specific details of a need for further research?
Do you agree with the way the authors interpreted their findings?


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