About the Authors

Peng Chen

Peng Chen, Ph.D., has an interdisciplinary background in urban planning, transportation engineering, human geography, and statistics. His research relies heavily on quantitative analysis, especially spatial regression and time-series analysis. In addition, his interests center on shared mobility, personalized incentives for travel behavior change.

Tia Boyd

Tia Boyd, AICP, is an urban planner and researcher with a focus on multimodal transportation planning, public participation, and the social impacts of transportation decision making. She has contributed to planning and engineering pedagogy with curricula for multimodal transportation planning and transportation equity,  and citizens’ academies geared toward community empowerment through education.

Kristine Williams

Kristine M. Williams, FAICP, has dedicated her career to advancing planning best practices through applied research and teaching at the University of South Florida. She successfully advocated several innovations in multimodal planning based on her research, including widespread adoption of multimodal access management policies. She also enhanced planning education by integrating multimodal planning, complete streets policy, and equity into university transportation curricula and service-learning programs.


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