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Creation of this OER was funded by the UTA CARES Grant Program, which is sponsored by UTA Libraries. Under the auspices of UTA’s Coalition for Alternative Resources in Education for Students (CARES), the grant program supports educators interested in practicing open education through the adoption of OER and, when no suitable open resource is available, through the creation of new OER or the adoption of library-licensed or other free content.  Additionally, the program promotes innovation in teaching and learning through the exploration of open educational practices, such as collaborating with students to produce educational content of value to a wider community. Information about the grant program and funded projects is available online.

Author’s Note

I’d like to thank Dr. Jane M. Fraser who published her Introduction to Industrial Engineering online under a Creative Commons License, long before I even knew what that meant.  I’d also like to thank Michelle Reed, UTA’s Director of Open Educational Resources for teaching me about that license.  Michelle and everyone else at UTA Libraries have been so very supportive, patient, and knowledgeable.  I can’t thank any of you enough.

Project Lead

Bonnie Boardman – Assistant Professor of Instruction, University of Texas at Arlington

Contributing Authors

Jane M. Fraser, Pueblo Makes

Additional Thanks to…

Michelle Reed, Kartik Mann and Prathvi Kanchan of UTA Libraries for assisting in the publication of this resource.

About the Cover

Brittany Griffiths, UTA Libraries’ Publishing Specialist, designed the cover for this OER. The image used is “turned on flat screen monitor” by Chris Liverani found at Unsplash and  is licensed under Unsplash license that allows for both commercial and noncommercial use.


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Introduction to Industrial Engineering Copyright © 2020 by Bonnie Boardman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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