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This book is geared towards users who have no Revit background. It starts with Revit basics such as how to create walls, floors, roof, but it also covers more advanced topics such as creating a complex object, preparing construction documents, and modeling mechanical and structural systems.

This book is an open education platform for Architecture and Civil Engineering students to learn Revit and provides students with adequate, coherent, consistent, and cost-saving educational resources. It includes both text and video of each chapter to help students have access to both step-by-step written instructions and videos of each lesson because software instructions are mostly narratives and difficult for students to visualize the procedures and follow the instructions.

BIM is one of the most recent developments influencing the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. BIM provides the opportunity to improve poor communication and information sharing among building owners, architects, engineers, builders, and public authorities. It enhances collaboration among project teams and improves AEC performance by decreasing project cost, increasing productivity and quality, and reducing project delivery time. Students pursuing a degree in a related field should gain knowledge and skills about BIM and its tools.

The book is composed of 15 chapters covering various topics. Each chapter starts with the basics of creating elements and builds on students’ previous knowledge and takes them further to develop BIM modeling skills using Revit. Each chapter presents a mix of written instructions, various activities, and videos to help students with various learning needs. Completing each chapter is the same as completing an assignment and skills developed can be used to work on a class project defined by the course instructor or found online.

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Dr. Atefe Makhmalbaf is an assistant professor at School of Architecture. She teaches building information modeling and energy-conscious building design. Her research includes performance-based building design, multi-objective building operation decision making, and building modeling pedagogy. She received her doctoral degree in Architecture (Building Technology) from Georgia Institute of Technology.



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