Activity 1


Shawn works in a library. She and three other co-workers have been tasked to work together on a project. Shawn turns in the completed product, but she completed it without input or help from the others. Shawn said it was really tough to find time to meet together. She did text the others (asking about working together), but got no responses. Her supervisor, Nathaniel, knows that she is a promising young librarian who wants to advance to a leadership position. Nathaniel also believes that Shawn has the potential to be a good leader, but feels she is impatient when it comes to working with others.


  • What did Shawn do well?
  • What could she have done differently?
  • How might she handle herself in the future?
  • How should Nathaniel handle this situation?
  • Consider the fact that he probably wants to help Shawn to improve and not necessarily punish her.


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