Developing a Small Group Activity Using Backward Design

  1. What do I want my students to be able to do (i.e., not just “know”) achieving higher order learning?
  2. What evidence or documentation do I require to demonstrate my students’ achievement of these desired results? Individually? As a group?
  3. What group learning activity will produce this evidence or documentation?
  4. What materials and resources are best suited to assist students in accomplish these goals?
    • What communication tools with the students use?
    • How will you facilitate interactions?
    • How much time will they need to get to know each other, develop a charter, accomplish the tasks, etc.?
    • Will you provide a sample product?


Here is a sample peer evaluation template for group activities: Sample Peer Evaluation Template.pdf

This content was adapted from Week 3 of Pivoting to Online Teaching: Research and Practitioner Perspectives and Module 2 of the Effective Online Teaching Short Course by J. T. Dellinger, and is used under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license. Modifications include adjusted text for UTA context.


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