Introduction to the Companion

This instructor companion is a resource for anyone using Teamwork: An Open Access Practical Guide in their courses, ranging from Peer Academic Leaders in first-year experience courses, to graduate teaching assistants, to experienced faculty. The companion is considered a living resource, where the authors will continue to update content each semester. Version history can be found at the end of book.

The structure of this resource is as follows:

  • Introduction
    • Discussion of the University of Texas at Arlington’s Quality Enhancement Plan and the data collection tools used
  • Considerations for Online Group/Teamwork
    • Understanding online groups, common challenges, accountability, group creation, and types of activities
    • A checklist for developing small group activities
    • Using backward design principles to align activities and a sample rubric for peer assessment
  • Sample Discussion Prompts
    • A curated list of sample discussion prompts for each section of the student teamwork guide
  • Sample Exercises
    • Suggested activities to build understanding and skills for teamwork and collaboration
  • Instructor-Created Lesson Plans
    • Lesson plans that are created by Peer Academic Leaders and Instructors/Faculty are stored in the Library’s Research Commons and accessible through this section
  • Implementation Examples and Case Studies at UTA
    • Different examples of how instructors have implemented teamwork into their courses

We hope that you find this resource useful and appreciate any feedback for how we can make it even more so.


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