Exercise 2


Part of becoming a functional member of a team is learning to understand what you bring to the group and what you might need from others. This exercise, in conjunction with Module 4 of the Student Teamwork Guide, is designed to help participants begin to identify their individual strengths and needs regarding teamwork.


30 minutes



  1. Introduce this activity by reflecting on some of the quotes provided (if you have not completed Exercise 1 choose some of the quotes to discuss with the group – and offer a brief discussion on their meaning).
  2. Ask participants for a list of some of the characteristics they think make up a good team player. This might be phrased as follows: “What does it take from each person on a team to make a team really work?”
  3. Ask students to take the self-evaluation survey in the section “Evaluating Yourself and Your Team” found in the Student Guide. By completing the survey students will be developing an individual inventory of the skills they possess related to teamwork.


As part of the discussion, ask participants to share one of their identified areas of strengths – and one area they would like to improve. This discussion allows each to hear from others their areas of strength and need. This process may help those in need of assistance identify who might be able to offer it.


Ask students to consider their score on the Evaluating Yourself for Teamwork survey. Were they pleased with their results? What are some of the areas they would like to improve? How will they attempt to do this? Share with students resources at the university that may help them strengthen their teamwork and leadership skills.


Have participants ask someone they know and trust to rate them using a blank copy of the survey. Were the scores/checks similar or different? What does this tell them? Does this change any of the notes made related to skills to improve?

Have participants redesign the activity with words and/or actions that better describe the elements of teamwork from their perspective. Another option is for participants to schedule a meeting with an employer and get additional input as to how an employer might identify or describe the characteristics listed.


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