Exercise 1


The purpose of this activity is to enrich participants’ understanding of what it means to be part of a team and why being a good team player is important for career success.


15-20 minutes


  • Chart paper or sentence strips with markers and/or Teamwork Quotes printed out for each participant


Choose and display five “teamwork” quotes from the list provided, or you may find your own quotes. This can be done on chart paper, writing quotes on sentence strips, or reading each quote aloud. What is important here is the quote – and not necessarily who said the quote.

Ask participants to choose the quote they like best. Divide the larger group into smaller groups according to the chosen quote (i.e., all participants who liked quote #1, etc.). Participants should spend approximately two minutes discussing the quote and coming to consensus on the reason they liked it the best. One member of each team should be prepared to offer the group’s feedback and reflection.

For another, more hands-on version of this activity, write each of the quotes on sentence strips. Cut the sentence strips into individual words or manageable chunks/phrases. Have groups work together to arrange the words/phrases into the correct order.


Refer to Module One in the Student Teamwork Guide that shows that employers rate the ability to be a “team player” as one of the most important qualities and characteristics of their current (and future) employees (i.e., the job candidate). Ask why this is might be so. Elicit responses and an interactive discussion. Encourage students to bring in material from their discussion of the quotes.


A friend comes to you seeking advice. He got into trouble at work for not being a team player. He really likes his job and isn’t quite sure what to do. What suggestions or observations about teamwork would you give to your friend to help him improve? How might he respond to his boss?


Have participants look through the Student Teamwork Guide and create their own personal quotes about teamwork…why it is important… what can be accomplished…etc. The quote should be one that encourages peers to gain a better understanding and perspective on the importance of teamwork AND why it is often a core value shared by many different cultures, populations, and groups.

Offer the opportunity for participants to research and share proverbs related to teamwork from their own cultures.


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