Post-Lab 2 Questions

(3 points)

Last Name: _______________________  First Name: _______________________


  1. Replace the common name of following bones with their corresponding anatomical names. (0.5 points)
    1. Fingers
    2. Hip
    3. Head
    4. Bones of the lower arm
    5. Knee
    6. Ankle
    7. Bone of the thigh
    8. Upper jaw
    9. Lower jaw
    10. Shins
    11. Tailbone
    12. Toes
    13. Collarbone
    14. Shoulder blade


  1. Name five bones of the axial and appendicular skeleton. (0.5 points)


  1. What makes the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) different from the rest of the vertebrae? (0.5 points)




  1. What is unique about the hyoid bone? (0.5 points)




  1. When a person is seated on the floor “criss-cross” style, which bones are touching the ground? (0.5 points)




  1. Name a bone that is inferior (1), superior (2) and medial (3) to the radius. (0.5 points)


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