Pre-Lab 6

(5 points)

Last Name: _______________________  First Name: _______________________



Fill in the table below with the appropriate terms. For the remaining exercises, label the designated structures.

(1 point)

Name of a structure is directional term to Name of the second structureEpiglottis
Epiglottis*   is Superior to Vocal cords*  
 Hyoid bone is Anterior to
is Inferior to Cricoid cartilage
Carina is Medial to
is Directly Superficial to Conus elasticus


List two structures of the respiratory zone? (0.5 points)



List two structures of the conducting zone? (0.5 points) 




Label the following structures of the larynx.  (1 point)



Label the following structures or the respiratory system. (1 point) 



Label the following structures in the sagittal view of the upper respiratory system. (1 point)


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