Post-Lab 4 Questions

(3 points)

Last Name: _______________________  First Name: _______________________


  1. Which of the following structures are not part of the brainstem? (Circle the appropriate response(s)) (0.5 points)
    • Cerebral hemisphere
    • Cerebellum
    • Pons
    • Medulla oblongata
    • Midbrain
    • Diencephalon


  1. What are the three primary parts of the diencephalon? (0.5 points)



  1. Identify the meningeal (or associated) structures described below: (1 point)
    1. Outermost meninx that covers the brain and is composed of tough, fibrous connective tissue
    2. Location of CSF production
    3. Innermost meninx that covers the brain
    4. Structures instrumental in returning cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to the venous blood in the dural venous sinuses
    5. A dural fold separating the cerebrum from the cerebellum


  1. Provide the name and number of the cranial nerves involved in each of the following activities, sensations or disorders. (1 point)
    1. ____________________  Rotating the head
    2. ____________________  Smelling coffee
    3. ____________________  Elevating the eyelids; pupillary constriction
    4. ____________________  Slowing the heart; swallowing
    5. ____________________  Involved in Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis); crying
    6. ____________________  Chewing food; feeling a toothache
    7. ____________________  Listening to music; seasickness
    8. ____________________  Secretion of saliva; tasting well-seasoned food
    9. ____________________  Involved in “rolling” the eyes (three nerves; provide numbers only)
    10. ____________________  Swallowing; speaking (motor only)
    11. ____________________  Seeing the PowerPoint during lecture



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