Janelle Casey Transcript

What does teamwork looks like to me? I would say teamwork has a lot of different definitions on a level here at work. It's me working with my teammates obviously on the campus team. We work together. We have each other. We give each other ideas. You know we shoot down people's happiness. We don't think they're very good. We can be very honest with each other. And we collaborate on projects on events that type of thing. In a larger version of what I think teamwork looks like is I also work with people outside of T.D. Ameritrade to do things like campus visits from campus. They could come to TDA they could check out our building. We can have panel discussions tell them what we're about. Give them ideas about opportunities and also work with campuses to to just get in front of the students more. To me I believe it's a real partnership and it's teamwork together working with career services and with our campus team so that we can get out there in front of the students and just be visible to them and have that opportunity to tell them about what we offer.

Jennifer Edwards Transcript

My name is Jennifer and I'm from Tarleton State University as well as a former LEAP Texas fellow. I want to tell you guys that teamwork is so important. So teamwork is important in industries because especially if the industry is in a city rural or urban environment. Teamwork is especially important to make that happen. If you think about the technology that's utilized to connect environments domestically and also internationally it's very important to get everyone on the same page and engage everyone's ideas. And teamwork helps to make that happen. Helps to make very creative products and also very creative processes in industry. Also if you think about how important teamwork is without teamwork we wouldn't have a robust military like we do in the United States. We also would not have the the capacity to create products integrate the Googles and the Microsoft's of the world. So teamwork is an effort domestically that helps make that happen. And it's important to help our students realize how important teamwork is by applying teamwork in the classroom. So teamwork can be applied in a variety of different ways including with group projects with undergraduate research with the group speeches. It's important to integrate that into each sector of our student’s careers. So that is from freshman all the way to senior and even graduate and their graduate years. So to incorporate teamwork into your classrooms I just say do it do it and do it well. And even if you step out there and something doesn't work try it again. And also I challenge all of you work with your colleagues either in your department or across campus to come up with different and innovative ways to embrace teamwork. All right. So have a great school year. Embrace teamwork and make it happen. And you're making a difference in the lives of students there at UT. Arlington as well as across the state of Texas and beyond because you're producing the leaders of tomorrow.

Keith Lott Transcript

My name is Keith Lott and I am a talent recruitment strategist with Uplift Education here in Dallas Fort Worth. Teamwork. What does teamwork look like? At uplift teamwork looks like collaboration. It looks like helping one another out in the classroom as well as at our central management office. We could not do the work that we do every single day for the scholars that we serve. If there was no teamwork from everyone from the receptionists to the teachers to the parents to the scholars to the directors who are principals everyone that is involved every stakeholder plays a key role in getting scholars to college. Public education gets one hundred percent of its scholars to college and by no means can that be done by any single one person. Students have to have their counselors. They have to have the cafeteria workers. They have to have the facilities people. So it all comes together and just really works to make sure that our scholars have every single thing that they need every single day to make the dream happen for them to go to college. Teamwork is important. And what does teamwork look like within the curriculum and possibly within the classroom for the students and maybe for the teachers. Yeah. So in the classroom it looks like teachers working collaboratively with each other. That could be working with their teacher’s aides. It could be working with special education staff. It could be working with ESL staff with our students. That English is not their first language. It's lots of different people that help to make education really work. Teachers have to collaborate for lesson planning. They also do horizontal planning. They also do teaming. They do vertical planning. All of those pieces the PLC's the professional learning communities all of those things are really critically important to make sure that our scholars are growing and that our instructional staff are going as well.

Susan Schrock transcipt

Teamwork is really important in this job because we can take an idea or a project and we can talk about it and make it much a stronger project bringing in our different experiences and what we know about the city. And so by working together I think our projects are so much stronger. I think it brings a lot of value. You get a lot of value by working with your colleagues and your peers. So you may have your mind set and your idea of how the world works. But when you you collaborate and you work together you can really gain from their experiences and their education. I think it's through its educational experience will be a lot richer if they do collaborate with their peers and on a team. You can take an idea and make it just so much more fool and richer by working together and not just using your perspective. So here at the city and every day we come together and we talk about our projects and the things that we want to do and we bounce ideas off each other. And I think that's the true value of of working on a team is knowing that you have somebody that has your back and is looking out for your your best interest and for the interest of your work.


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