Understanding Yourself as a Team Member

A team is made up of individual members with different strengths and skills. Look at the diagram and list below to see where you think you fit. The survey on the next page will also help you. Remember this is not designed to put you in a box, or define you, but to help you think a little more about how you might contribute most effectively to whichever team you may belong.

Diagram of a team surrounded by bubbles with team roles listed. Creator; Promoter; Assessor; Organizer; Producer; Controller; Maintainer; Adviser; Linker.

Linker –      Coordinates and integrates
Creator –      Initiates creative ideas
Promoter –      Champions ideas after they’re initiated
Producer –      Provides direction and follow-through
Adviser –      Encourages the search for more information
Assessor –      Offers insightful analysis of options
Organizer –      Provides structure
Controller –      Examines details and enforces rules
Maintainer –      Fights external battles



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