Appendix C: Processes Table

The following table presents the information from Figure 8.3 in an alternate form.

Process Who Is Involved? Communication Channels Basic Process Questions Course Marking Questions
Instructor Awareness Instructor n/a • How do instructors know that they need to report open and affordable resource use?
Course Catalog Creation Instructors, schedule Instructors to schedule
Instructors to department to schedule
• Who decides on courses? If instructors decide, who do they report to? (e.g., department chair or administration)
• Report how? (e.g., student information system [SIS] or form)
• Separate process from course material reporting?
• How will course marking information be sent to schedule? (e.g., automated, manually entered)
Schedule Schedule n/a • Is there a field designated for the course marking information? How is it marked? (e.g., an icon)
• Is there space for defining terms?
Course Materials Reporting Instructors, campus store Instructors to campus store
instructor to department to campus store
• Report to who? (e.g., department chair, administration, directly to campus store)
• Report how? (e.g., by form)
• How will course marking information be sent to campus store? (e.g., form, email)
Campus Store Campus store n/a • Will the campus store also display no cost/low cost information? Link out to open content?
• Collect information to send to schedule?
Campus Store and Schedule Campus store, schedule Campus store to schedule
schedule to campus store
• What is the interaction between the campus store and schedule?
• How does this interaction happen? (e.g., automated via SIS or manual via emails)
• How is the course marking information sent to schedule? (e.g., automated, manually entered)
• Which materials are marked? (e.g., OER, no cost)


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