Sarah Hare – Scholarly Communication Librarian, Indiana University Bloomington

Jessica Kirschner – Open Educational Resources Librarian, Virginia Commonwealth University

Michelle Reed – Director of Open Educational Resources, University of Texas at Arlington


Breeman Ainsworth – Department Head of Humanities, Oklahoma State University

Nicole Allen – Director of Open Education, Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition

Jessica Dai – Resident Librarian, West Virginia University

Abbey K Elder – Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian, Iowa State University

Nicole Finkbeiner – Formerly Director of Institutional Relations, OpenStax, Rice University

Amie Freeman –  Scholarly Communication Librarian, University of South Carolina

Sarah Hare – Scholarly Communication Librarian, Indiana University Bloomington

Kris Helge – Assistant Dean of Academic Engagement, Texas Woman’s University

Nicole Helregel – Student Success Librarian, Purchase College (State University of New York)

Jeanne Hoover – Head of Scholarly Communication, East Carolina University

Jessica Kirschner – Open Educational Resources Librarian, Virginia Commonwealth University

Joy M. Perrin – Digital Initiatives Librarian, Texas Tech University Libraries

Jacquelyn Ray – Director of Library Resources, Walla Walla Community College

Jennifer Raye – Scholarly Communication Librarian, Butler University

Michelle Reed – Director of Open Educational Resources, University of Texas at Arlington

John Schoppert – Chief Administrator of the Libraries of Oregon Tech, Oregon Tech

Liz Thompson – Instruction and Educational Resources Coordinator, James Madison University

case study Authors

Alexis Clifton – Vice President of the Board of Directors for Open Education Global, State University of New York

Rebel Cummings-Sauls – Director of Digital Services and OER, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative

Michael Daly – Director of Operations, State University of New York OER Services

Juville Dario-Becker – Professor of Biology,  Central Virginia Community College

Tony DeFranco – Director of User Support Services, State University of New York

Cindy Domaika – Manager of Open and Instructional Resources, Nicolet College

Ann Fiddler – Open Education Librarian, City University of New York

Andrea Gillaspy Steinhilper – Retired Adjunct Librarian, Lower Columbia College

Rajiv Jhangiani – Associate Vice Provost, Open Education, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Brian Lindshield – Associate Professor in the Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health, Kansas State University

Andrew McKinney –  OER Coordinator, City University of New York

Nathan Smith – Instructor in Philosophy and OER Coordinator, Houston Community College

Heather White – Library Technical Services and OER Coordinator, Mt. Hood Community College


Josh Bolick – Scholarly Communication Librarian,  University of Kansas

Sarah Canatsey – Instructional Developer, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Rebecca Ciota –  Assistant Professor,  Grinnell College

Jennifer Davis – Scholarship and Data Librarian, Augusta University

Kathy Essmiller – OER Librarian, Oklahoma State University

Emily Frank -Affordable Learning Administrator, LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network

Sheila Green – HSC – Bryan Campus Librarian, Texas A&M University

Terra Gullings – University Archivist and Scholarly Communication Librarian, University of Texas at Tyler

Alexa Hight – Scholarly Communication Librarian, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

D’Arcy Hutchings – Instructional Design Librarian, University of Alaska Anchorage

Lucy Carr Jones – MSIS Student, University of Tennessee

Jonas Lamb – Public Services Librarian & Associate Professor, University of Alaska Southeast

Kristin Lansdown, Diversity Resident Librarian for Open Educational Resources, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Amanda Larson – Affordable Content Instructional Consultant, The Ohio State University

Merinda McLure – Health & Human Sciences Librarian/Associate Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Katy Miller – Student Success/Textbook Affordability Librarian, University of Central Florida

Logan Murray – Analyst, California Virtual Campus—Online Education Initiative

Vince Mussehl – Director of Library Services, Chippewa Valley Technical College

Marilyn N. Ochoa – Library Services Director, Middlesex County College

Erin Owens – Associate Professor/Access Services Coordinator & Scholarly Communications Librarian, Sam Houston State University

James Paradiso –  Instructional Designer/Program Coordinator, Affordable Instructional Materials, University of Central Florida

Stephanie Pierce – Head, Physics Library, University of Arkansas

Julia E. Rodriguez- Nursing, Health Sciences & Scholarly Communications Librarian, Oakland University

Jim Ross-Nazzal – Professor of History, Houston Community College

Gwen Sevits – Textbook Manager, Lakeland Community College

Adrian Stagg –  Manager (Open Educational Practice), University of Southern Queensland

Marian Taliaferro – Digital Scholarship Librarian, William & Mary

Lily Todorinova – Undergraduate Experience Librarian/Open Educational Research,  Rutgers

Suzanne Wakim –  OER Coordinator,  Butte Community College

Niki Whiteside – Assistant Vice Chancellor for Instructional Innovation & Support, San Jacinto College

Additional Thanks to…

Zoe Wake Hyde and Apurva Ashok, Rebus Community

Kartik Mann, Prathvi Kanchan, and Brittany Griffiths, UTA Libraries

Janet Long, Longhare Content & Editorial Services

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The cover was designed by Michelle Reed and Jessica Kirschner with support from Chris Heinlen (UTA Libraries).


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