40 Marketable Skills and the CV/Resume

I have a degree in history, how do I get a job?

Well, there are so many jobs open to those with a History degree beyond teaching or archival work. Do you know that video game developers and auction houses employ history majors? Many lawyers and government officials also have degrees in History. And many large national and international companies like hiring History majors because they know how to think critically and write analytically.


AHA, “Entering the Job Market with a BA in History”

AHA, “Why Study History”

Even though this information is for PhDs, it works for BAs in History as well: “The Career Diversity Five Skills” 

Here is a good website on resume tips from another department of History: https://history.tcnj.edu/for-students/careers/resume-tips/ 

There are many ways to format a resume. If you are looking for a job in the private or public sector, you will create a resume. For those interested in academia, you will create a CV (curriculum vitae). The Career Center can help you flesh out your resume and create one that is just perfect for your goals.

After looking through these materials, think about your marketable skills that you have learned as a History major or from other classes. Below is the list of marketable skills posted in the 3300 syllabus:

Marketable Skills Learned In This Course

During this course, students will learn the following skills that can be used in other courses or as marketable skills:

  • ability to interpret and critically evaluate evidence
  • ability to assess the credibility of sources and make judgments about their usefulness and limitations
  • ability determine bias, audience, perspective, and context for various sources of information
  • ability to utilize chronological and spatial reasoning
  • ability to identify key pieces of evidence, interpret and contextualize evidence, and craft evidence-based arguments
  • research and curation
  • use of archives
  • ability to create a digital narrative, create a public history artifact, create a video, and utilize appropriate educational and teamwork apps

Planning for the job search

Here are two resources when you are planning on a job search

Blueprint for Success in College and Career, Chapter 38-42  https://press.rebus.community/blueprint2/

And even though we just discussed it above, don’t forget campus resources such as the Lockheed Martin Career Development Center that can help with all sorts of jobs.

Reflective Activity

Every one should have a current resume or CV – you never know when you need one. For this reflective activity, think about whether you would create a CV or resume. Then reflect upon  three marketable skills that you think fit with the “story of you” that you want potential employers to know about. They don’t have to be from this course, but think about how you can leverage your undergraduate major (and perhaps minors) and other activities.

Your instructor may have an in-class or Canvas-based activity over this material.



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