28 Teamwork

Why do I have to work with others?

Love it or hate it, teamwork will be part of your coursework at UTA. And for good reason, employers in Texas have identified teamwork as one of the most important skills they expect college graduates to have! UTA has developed a brief teamwork guide for students to help you get the most out of a group work experience.


Skim through the first five chapters of Teamwork: An Open Access Practical Guide.  Don’t worry, it isn’t long. Most of the materials are presented in infographics format.

Reflection Activity

  1. What have you disliked about your past Team or Group assignments (in college or in high school)?
  2. Based upon your readings, what benefit do you see from being a good Team member?

Your instructor may have you participate in an in-class or Canvas-based discussion on this topic.



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