33 Maverick Advantage

What is the Mav Advantage?

The Maverick Advantage program prepares students for their future careers through experiential learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. Completing this program earns you a “distinction” at graduation. This is a good resume builder that you customize to your academic and career goals. HIST 3300 can be used to fulfill both Career Development and Undergraduate Research requirements toward the MavAdvantage. Many other HIST and GEOG courses have been designated MavAdvantage courses as well!

To earn the Maverick Advantage Distinction, you need three different experiences that contribute to distinct categories within leadership development, career development, undergraduate research, global engagement, and community engagement. To learn more about the program or to apply, peruse the Maverick Advantage website

Reflective Activity

In what way do you see the Maverick Advantage Distinction fitting into your academic and career plans?

Your instructor may have an in-class or Canvas-based activity based on this material.


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