30 Time Management

Successful attainment of Goals starts with good time management skills

Time management and goal setting skills are vital to successfully complete college and useful in your future careers. This is especially true in History courses where you may be asked to research and write in the same semester; both are time consuming enterprises.


Skim through Chapters 14-16 in Blueprint for Success in College and Career

The Pomodoro technique

A favorite time management technique of several faculty members in the UTA History Department is to modify the Pomodoro Technique to suit their needs. In a nutshell, this technique teaches you to better utilize the time you have available to be more effective. It includes chunking time available with giving breaks as a reward for finishing a chunk of time. It really does work, mostly because it keeps you on task and makes you feel as though you are really getting things done. Highly Recommended


For more information on the Pomodoro Technique, peruse the official website (which also has a good video overview)

This Med School Insiders video gives very good advice on the use of this technique.

Reflection Activity

Which skill do you need the most help on, time management or goal setting? How will you go about improving this skill?

Your instructor may have an in-class or Canvas activity based upon this material.


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