27 Pursuing Success in College

Self-Regulated Learning

The most important element in your success in college is in developing the skills of a self-regulated learner. Self-regulated learners develop several key skills and habits that make them effective learners and practice them in an iterative process consisting of three phases:

  • Setting goals and making strategic plans
  • Monitoring performance and progress toward your goals
  • Reflecting upon the above phases and then making decisions on how to change your behavior to improve your outcomes (and then repeat)0


Skim read the following chapters in the OER textbooks assigned to first-year and transfer students at UTA (free and online, click on the links below)


  1. What is(are) the best piece(s) of advice you found in the readings?
  2. In what ways will this advice be useful to you?

Your instructor may have you participate in an in-class or Canvas-based discussion on this topic.



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