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Creation of this OER was funded by the UTA CARES Grant Program, which is sponsored by UTA Libraries. Under the auspices of UTA’s Coalition for Alternative Resources in Education for Students (CARES), the grant program supports educators interested in practicing open education through the adoption of OER and, when no suitable open resource is available, through the creation of new OER or the adoption of library-licensed or other free content.  Additionally, the program promotes innovation in teaching and learning through the exploration of open educational practices, such as collaborating with students to produce educational content of value to a wider community. Information about the grant program and funded projects is available online.

Authors’ Note

Scott W. Palmer and Kimberly Breuer conceived of the project and received a UTA Cares Grant to make this work possible. They also provided the initial organization and recruited contributing authors to the project. Stephanie Cole took over the project when it was stalled and her revisioning brought it to completion. She has written or revised most chapters in this book. Kimberly Breuer guided the entire project and acted as final editor and keeper of revisions. And Brandon Blakeslee created most of the interactive elements and links within the text to make the user experience more enjoyable. All four contributed original content to the textbook.

We would like to thank our colleagues who provided content or who test drove the piloted version of this work in their Historical Methods classes. We are also grateful to our students who piloted the project and offered insights and suggestions–and who, we hope, will  continue to do so!


Contributing Authors (with Chapter contributions)

David Baillargeon, PhD – University of Texas at Arlington (Chapter 17)

Alex Hunnicutt, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington (Chapter 14)

Gregory Kosc, PhD, Oklahoma State University (Chapters 1,3,5,13,24)

Andrew Milson, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington (Chapter 15)

Evelyn Montgomery, Ph.D – Director/Curator, Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture (Chapter 26)

James Sandy- PhD, University of Texas at Arlington (Chapter 4)

Gerald Saxon- PhD, University of Texas at Arlington (Chapters 12, 16, 25)

Charles Travis- PhD, University of Texas at Arlington (Chapter 15)


Stephanie Cole- University of Texas at Arlington

Kimberly Breuer- University of Texas at Arlington

Additional Thanks to…

Kartik Mann, UTA Libraries’ OER Publishing Assistant, for assisting in the publication of this resource, and Kyle Pinkos, UTA Libraries’ Marketing Coordinator, for designing the cover.


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How History is Made: A Student’s Guide to Reading, Writing, and Thinking in the Discipline Copyright © 2022 by Stephanie Cole; Kimberly Breuer; Scott W. Palmer; and Brandon Blakeslee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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