10.3 Student Enrollment Services

Office of The Registrar

129 University Administration Building

The Office of the Registrar provides UT Arlington students the means to register for classes, maintains student academic records, issues official transcripts, verifies enrollment for insurance, and processes students for graduation.

Services offered include:

  • Changes to student records, including name changes, address changes, or emergency contact information
  • Filing grade-exclusion paperwork or request a grade change
  • Filing tuition or fee appeals
  • Enrollment or degree verification
  • Processing paperwork for graduation
  • Other services are outlined on their website.

This office also offers a number of services online through your MyMav account, such as registering for classes or requesting copies of your transcript. You may access your MyMav account at any time from the UT Arlington home page, uta.edu.

Student Accounts

130 University Administration Building

Student Accounts, located on the first floor of the University Administration Building, is where students go to make payments for tuition, fees, and other payments that are required. Anytime a student notices that a bill is due, they have several options for payment. They may visit the Office of Student Accounts, go online and pay via their MyMav account, or mail their payment to the university. It is always important to keep up with due dates for payments, so check your MyMav account regularly to see how much is due and when. If you have questions understanding any charges, the staff at Student Accounts are available to help.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

252 University Administration Building
Financial Aid: 817-272-3561
Scholarships: 817-272-2197

The Office of Financial Aid provides you with useful information about financial aid programs offered at UT Arlington and the process to apply for and receive funding. The university offers a wide variety of scholarships, grants, work-study, and loan programs to assist with funding the college education of students and families of all income levels. To start the financial aid process, all students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, every year that they are in school. The form can be found online through the U.S. Department of Education. The form will require information about the income of both the student and their family and should be completed after your tax return has been submitted. This form is required to become eligible for any sort of financial aid and for many scholarships as well, and it is recommended that students complete their FAFSA as early as possible. Trained financial aid advisors in the Office of Financial Aid can help answer any questions about the FAFSA or any other paperwork required to secure funds.


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