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Molly Albart
Jean Ashwill
Donna Bacchus
Evelyn Barker
Myrtle Bell on behalf of the Committee on the Status of Women and Minorities
Stephanie Brown
Cheri Butler
Tanzania Collins
Mari Duncan
Jennifer Gray on behalf of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers
Matthew Hendricks
Brian Joyce
Douglas Klahr on behalf of the President’s Sustainability Committee
Frank Lamas
Jennifer Luken
Mary Jo Lyons
Martha Mann
Michael Moore
Lisa Nagy
Dawn Remmers
Raquel Reynolds
Gerald D. Saxon
Amy Schultz
David Silva on behalf of the Active Learning Committee
Lynne Von Roeder
Linda Wilson
Danny Woodward

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Michelle Reed and Thomas Perappadan of UTA Libraries for assisting in the publication of this resource and to Kyle Pinkos, UTA Libraries’ Marketing Coordinator, for designing the cover.


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