10.4 Campus Housing and Student Affairs Resources

Housing Operations

150 University Center (Middle Level)

Housing Operations will help you complete a lease agreement that will meet your housing needs in the residence halls or campus apartments.

Apartments and Residence Life

Arlington Hall—lower level

Once students have a lease agreement, the apartment and residence life staff will help you build a community and a new home-away-from-home.

Campus Activities and Community Programs

B140 University Center (Lower Level)

Hone your leadership and get involved on campus with these great resources.

Campus Recreation

Maverick Activities Center (MAC)

Getting involved on campus and staying healthy are important components of achieving success as a student. The Maverick Activities Center is a 190,000 square foot facility that features a full-service workout area, indoor track, climbing wall, group workout rooms, volleyball and basketball courts, indoor soccer fields, and more. Stop by and join in with an exercise class or sign up to get involved in one of UT Arlington’s popular Intramural Sports programs. Admission to the MAC is free with your student ID card and serves as a great way to manage stress during those busy periods of the year.

Multicultural Affairs

B120 University Center (Lower Level)

Get involved with celebrating the rich diversity found at the University of Texas at Arlington by joining one of the programs offered by Multicultural Affairs. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to benefit from the variety of learning opportunities including special performances, seminars, philanthropic events, and tutoring programs. Whether you are looking for leadership opportunities or just a unique way to interact with our diverse student body, here you will find a way to get engaged on campus and to help you build your resume.

Office of Community Standards

B150 University Center (Lower Level)

In accordance with the UT Arlington Handbook of Operating Procedures, Student Conduct educates the campus community on issues related to student conduct and delivers sanctions to students failing to meet the regulations put forth in “Chapter 2: Student Conduct and Discipline.”

Student Access and Resource Center

102 University Hall

For students with physical, emotional, or learning disabilities, the Student Access and Resource (SAR) Center is a primary resource for getting registered and securing any necessary accommodations. Whether you need extra time for exams, a sign-language interpreter, or even a special area for completing exams, this office is here to assist you with filing all the appropriate paperwork and advocating on your behalf to ensure that you have the maximum opportunity for success.

Student Governance

B150 University Center (Lower Level)

Student Governance serves as the voice of students in policy decisions on campus. In addition to debating new ways to improve the educational experience for students, Student Governance sponsors over 260 student organizations and numerous activities and events throughout the year. Getting involved with student government provides an excellent opportunity to build leadership experience and make a difference on campus. Elections are held every year for positions, or you can simply show up at any student organization’s meeting to get involved with other students who share your interests.

Check out MavOrgs, a site with all of UTA’s student organizations, below.
Which organizations are you interested in joining?


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