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Student Success and First Year Experience (UNIV 1131 and UNIV 1000, respectively, at UTA) are learning community courses that teach new students academic success skills to aid their transition to college. The goal of the courses is to help students identify their individual needs, determine what resources are appropriate, recognize the faculty role in their development, and formulate a plan for an actively engaged and enriched experience from campus to career. The courses will be taught by Peer Academic Leaders (PALs) and faculty, staff and/or graduate students to provide guidance, raise awareness and understanding of students’ majors and help support collaborative and co-curricular opportunities available within the School/College. No Limits serves as the required resource for these courses.

Creation Process

This OER was modified with permission from No Limits: Foundations and Strategies for College Success (ISBN 978-0-7380-9602-5) Copyright © 2017 by The University of Texas at Arlington. Contributors to the original textbook, first published in 2012, are listed in the acknowledgments section. In 2018, UTA’s Division of Student Success chose to make the resource available to students as an OER rather than requiring students purchase access to a commercially published print copy. In its first semester of use, the OER will impact over 3,000 students and result in approximately $75,000 in cost savings for incoming first-time-in-college students.


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No Limits Copyright © 2018 by University of Texas at Arlington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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