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OER, such as this textbook, derive much of their power from their flexibility and potential for collaboration. Unlike traditional commercial resources, digital OER can be updated and corrected frequently. Additionally, OER creation can be managed in a way that allows students to actively contribute to improvements and additions to the resource. The adaptation of No Limits as an OER is an iterative process, and you are invited to contribute in multiple ways.

Instructors are encouraged to seek opportunities to integrate assignments or bonus activities into the course that will encourage students to contribute to the development of this resource.

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The original textbook was accompanied by first-person student perspectives on the topics discussed therein. These have been omitted from the current version of the OER. The project team would like to collect new perspectives from current students to be included in the next release of the textbook. Submit your contribution to the book through our online submission form. Accompanying photos are appreciated but not required. Review the submission guidelines (PDF).

Contribute Alternative Text

Mavs Open Press is actively committed to increasing the accessibility and usability of the OER we produce so all students have equal access to the resources they need to learn. Occasionally, timelines require that we publish a resource before it meets the standards addressed in our Accessibility Statement. We aim for transparency in communicating known accessibility issues and seek to engage our communities to quickly address them.

A known issue related to No Limits is the lack of alternative text (alt text). Alt text is what allows screen readers to decipher images, charts, and graphs for readers with visual disabilities. Help us improve by submitting alt text recommendations via email at Alt text submissions should include the recommended text to be added to the OER and the location of the image or illustration within the web text.

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Share your thoughts about UTA’s transition to a free OER for UNIV 1131 by posting to social media using the hashtag #OpenUTA. You can find additional ways to get involved with OER initiatives by visiting UTA Libraries’ Open for UTA Students guide.


Acknowledgements:  All contributors who submit content that is added to the OER will be listed in the Acknowledgements section when the next version of the resource is published.




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