10.1 Academic Learning Centers

Accounting Tutoring Lab

436 Business Building

The Accounting Tutoring Lab is operated by UT Arlington’s chapter of Beta Alpha Psi Financial Information Society. The lab offers space for students to receive assistance from trained tutors on accounting and finance assignments and one-on-one help in 20-minute sessions. Assistance is given on a first come-first served basis.


Chemistry Clinic

318 Science Hall

Operated by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, this clinic seeks to support students in all chemistry and biochemistry courses.


English Writing Center and Online Writing Lab

411 Central Library

The English Writing Center offers students both face-to-face tutoring offered in the Central Library and an online interaction through Skype. Appointments may be made on the English Writing Center Web site where you will also find other tips and resources for improving your papers.


Language Acquisition Center

303 Trimble Hall

The Language Acquisition Center (LAC) is dedicated to helping students succeed as they seek to master languages other than their own. A multimedia center serving the UTA community, the LAC features Mac computers, TV/VCR/DVD viewing stations, and CD/cassette listening stations. The LAC also maintains an extensive collection of analog and digital media as well as course-related software and self-study software.


Math Clinic

325 Pickard Hall


Math Emporium

308 Pickard Hall

The Math Clinic and Math Emporium are drop-in tutoring centers located in Pickard Hall that offer assistance for students in specific undergraduate math courses and final review sessions before exams. For a complete list of courses served by the Math Clinic and Emporium, visit their Web site.


Physics Clinic

007 Science Hall

The Physics Department operates a clinic for students desiring help in solving physics problems, understanding physics concepts, and anything relevant to being successful in their physics courses at UTA. For much of the day during the school week, an advanced undergraduate student is available to provide individualized assistance with course work or assisting in the better under- standing of course concepts.


Science Education and Career Center

106 Life Science

The Science Education and Career Center offers resource materials and study aids for students in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology classes. The center features lounge space, a computer lab, and information ranging from course-specific study mate- rials to information about pursuing particular career paths in the sciences.


Student Support Services

206 Ransom Hall

Student Support Services provides free academic support to U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are either first generation, low income, and/or disabled. Free services include tutoring, counseling, advising, a private computer lab, seminars, cultural events, and a laptop, calculator, and textbook lending program.


University Tutorial and Supplemental Instruction

205 Ransom Hall

This University Tutorial offers individualized tutoring by high-quality, nationally certified tutors to students in a variety of subjects at the low price of $6.50 per hour. Supplemental Instruction is an internationally recognized student assistance program aimed at improving student performance in historically difficult courses. SI offers students regularly scheduled discussion sections led by specially trained upperclassmen and graduate students. These discussion sections are designed to help students master the concepts of an academic course and, at the same time, increase their competency in the learning strategies relevant to the course. SI is free to all students.


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