Errata and Versioning History

The peer review process for Mavs Open Press resources varies by publication and author. We strive for transparency and describe the creation process in the front matter of each text so readers may evaluate the work on its own merit. Because we offer web-based services, we can quickly and easily address any errors that arise after publication. This page provides a record of edits and changes made to the web version of this book since its initial publication.

Changes logged here are reflected in the web text only until a new version of the resource is released, at which point the file downloads are also updated. Version updates are noted in the Status field below.

If you have a correction to suggest, submit it to We will contact the author then make and log necessary changes here. Below is a list of Correction Types we currently update:

  1. Typo
  2. Broken link
  3. Addition
  4. Other factual inaccuracy in content
  5. Incorrect calculation or solution
  6. General/pedagogical suggestion or question
Date Submitted Format Correction Type Location Description Status
1/17/2023 Text & link Adding a new student contribution/example Will You Tell a Story? Chapter Video example using class/textbook themes to analyze a video game Complete
1/17/2023 Text & image Adding a new student contribution/example Why Does Size Matter? Chapter Comic strip by a UTA student offering a visual representation of an important history Complete
1/17/2023 New page Adding a new student contribution/example Why Do I Have to Do What You Say? Chapter Research essay by UTA student demonstrating course themes and critical thinking Complete
2/23/2024 Text Correcting a content error What is Important to Us? Chapter Correcting the identification of a type of scroll Complete
6/14/2024 Text & links Adding two new student contributions/examples The Tale of John Bartholomew and Slink; Why Does Size Matter? Video example using class/textbook themes to produce a music parody; Comic example produced in response to learning about an artwork Complete


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