OERTX Repository: OERTX Repository is a public digital library of open educational resources for higher education

Memorandum of Understanding: An agreement between researcher and institution about research parameters, agreements, and more

Copyright agreement: An adherence of copyright law between user and copyright holder on using licensed material correctly

Creative Commons: A copyrighting initiative for and by educators intent on using licensed material correctly

Fair Use checklist: A checklist of requirements that must be addressed in order to use a licensed item in your own publication

Hyperlink: A link to another website or piece of media that can be embedded directly into a body of text

Metadata: A bibliography or set of references used in creating a publication

Request Pressbooks Site Form: An online form that allows faculty to request a custom Pressbooks URL and shell on the platform

Shell: A Pressbooks template that all publications begin as, consisting mainly of copyright agreements and info

Remix: Editing previously published content to fit within the parameters of Fair Use copyright

Derivative Notes: A section in the back matter of a publication that explains the nature of the previously published work and the changes made by the current author

Import: Migrating a previous iteration of work into the current platform or software version

Exporting: Compiling and publishing an iteration of work into a singular format on a certain software

Heading Level: Defines how large/bold your titles or subject line breaks will be

Labeled for Reuse: Non-copyrighted items that can be used freely

H5P: An open source software code format based on Javascript that can be used to create simple scripts

Canvas: An educational instructional platform used by UTA and many other institutions as a means of making coursework and syllabi available to students

Hypothesis: An open source annotation software that aids with bibliography and reference work

Request Pressbooks Account Form: An online form that allows faculty and students to create a free online account partnered with UTA’s Mavs Open Press

Sandbox: A publication on Pressbooks that serves not just as an instructional resource for users about features in Pressbooks, but as a free practice area where users may make any number of changes, edits, and additions without altering the publication itself

UTA CARES Grant: Emergency grant funding created in the UTA Cares Act, enacted in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Bibliography: Sources and references used

XanEdu: A custom publishing solution for higher education institutions

Accessibility Evaluation: Is the practice of making your content usable to as many people as possible. It makes apps accessible to those with disabilities, such as vision impairment, hearing disabilities, and other physical or cognitive conditions

Copyright law: Protects creators of original material from unauthorized duplication or use

Ebook: (Short for electronic book)is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic device


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