17 Hypothesis Web Annotations

Hypothesis is a free online tool designed to allow for collaborative annotation across the web. It can be used to annotate web pages, PDFs, and EPUB files. You can annotate documents and pages publicly or in a private group. Pressbooks has built-in support for Hypothesis; readers can highlight and annotate Pressbooks content right in the webpage itself leading to a more engaging and interactive experience. To enable Hypothesis on your published OER, contact the OER team at oer@uta.edu.


Recording of Steel Wagstaff and Jeremy Dean’s live webinar on the potential of web annotation as an educational tool. Slides and transcript may be downloaded from the UTA ResearchCommons.

Hypothesis for Peer Review

Hypothesis annotations can be used in a private Pressbooks to facilitate peer review. This requires adding individual reviewers as Subscribers to the private text in Pressbooks. To add subscribers to your book, please submit a Request Pressbooks Account or Sandbox Access form.

Visit the Marking Open and Affordable Courses Peer Review Guide for an example of using web annotation for peer review.


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