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Free Resource Reporting


UTA Libraries work closely with campus partners to ensure that UTA students have the information they need to make educated enrollment decisions and plan for the cost of their education. Per state law, students must be able to search the schedule of classes and filter by courses that use OER. If the total cost per student for all required resources in a course is $0, report the course as soon as possible each semester to ensure it is tagged in the schedule of classes. Use this form on this guide to report zero-cost resource adoptions.

OER Milestone Reporting Form


This form is for OER creation and modification projects to be published with Mavs Open Press. It is used to communicate your readiness to formally move the publication process forward on your OER. Milestones include requesting a preliminary accessibility evaluation, setting preferences for cover design and print distribution, reporting the start of your pilot period, requesting a formal accessibility evaluation, requesting publication, and requesting new exports post-publication.

UTA CARES Monthly Report


This form is for UTA CARES grant recipients only. A requirement of the UTA CARES Grant Program is to update UTA Libraries on a monthly basis for the duration of the project to report on your progress. Please submit your updates via this form by the first Tuesday of every month.

Pressbooks Requests

Request Pressbooks Account or Sandbox Access


Use this form to request a free UTA Pressbooks account and access to the Mavs Open Press Sandbox. The Sandbox offers an environment where anyone at UTA can experiment with Pressbooks and learn about the platform. Feel free to add, remove, and edit content while you’re in the Sandbox. You may also use this form to request the addition of new team members to your Pressbook.

Request Pressbooks Site


Use this form to request your own site with a unique URL on UTA’s Pressbooks platform. Please note that all resources supported by Mavs Open Press must be openly licensed, allowing for downstream users to remix and reuse the content. Sites should be requested only after the project name has been finalized, as the URL cannot be changed once it has been created.

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Mavs Open Press Copyright Agreement


All contributors to OER published by Mavs Open Press should submit a copyright agreement.

Mavs Open Press OER Catalog

Course materials published by Mavs Open Press can be viewed online or downloaded in multiple formats for offline viewing.



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