3 OER Discovery

In the planning phase, faculty should determine whether their project will address a gap in currently available materials, or if there is existing content that meets their needs. We can help with this process by connecting educators with open and affordable resources related to their course objectives.
UTA CARES Innovation Grant applicants are required to complete a landscape analysis to identify existing OER and explain why existing resources are inadequate to meet learning needs in the course. For personalized assistance locating free resources appropriate for your course, please contact your subject librarian or the OER Department. You can also begin searching for resources on your own using the Free Resources by College guide.

Statewide OER Repository

In Fall 2020, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board launched OERTX, a digital repository of OER for Texas students and educational institutions. Faculty can browse the site to find OER that have been used successfully in the state and collaborate with other educators across the state through groups and hubs.


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