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The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Libraries support educators in identifying, using, customizing, creating, and publishing teaching and learning materials available at no cost to UTA students. Open educational resources (OER) are free teaching and learning materials that are licensed to allow for revision and reuse. They can be fully self-contained textbooks, videos, quizzes, learning modules, courseware, and more.

Mavs Open Press, operated by UTA Libraries, offers no-cost services for UTA faculty, staff, and students who wish to openly publish their scholarship. The Libraries’ program provides human and technological resources that empower our communities to create or adapt O.E.R. Course materials published by Mavs Open Press are openly licensed using Creative Commons licenses to allow for revision and reuse and are offered in various digital formats free of charge. Optional print copies may be available for purchase through the UTA Bookstore or can be purchased directly from XanEdu, Mavs Open Press’ exclusive print provider and distributor.

Open access publishing and textbook affordability are critical to the work of UTA Libraries and the University of Texas at Arlington at large. From our commitment to widespread adoption of OER to our support for the conversion of print journals to open access digital formats, we empower our faculty, students, and authors to see their vision become the new reality for academic publishing.

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OER Benefits

  • Improve student engagement and success
  • Provide immediate, equitable, and perpetual access to resources
  • Save money for students
  • Empower educators to customize accessible, high-quality learning materials in local curricula

OER services

  • Financial support via UTA CARES Grant Program
  • Assistance locating and evaluating OER
  • Publishing platform with robust technical support
  • OER workshops, presentations, and individualized consultations
  • Optional print services
  • Content migration
  • Copyright and licensing assistance
  • Preservation, metadata, and indexing

Contact Us

Additional information about open education at UTA is available online. Questions about publishing OER with Mavs Open Press should be directed to


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