23 Links by Chapter


Mavs Open Press requires use of descriptive text for hyperlinks rather than using full URLs within the body of the work. Because our resources are also available in optional print and printable formats (PDF), it can be helpful to include the full URL for each link referenced in the book in the OER’s back matter. The author and project team are responsible for adding and updating the Links by Chapter section.


  • Label the chapter by chapter number using Heading 2
  • Paste or type the descriptive text linked in the book’s main body
  • Add the full URL in parenthesis following the descriptive text


The example below is from Introduction to Industrial Engineering.

Chapter 11

Carter McNamara (http://managementhelp.org/strategicplanning/mission-vision-values.htm)

Mission statement generator (http://cmorse.org/missiongen/)

Chapter 12

Texas Board of Professional Engineers (https://engineers.texas.gov/)

National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (http://www.ncees.org/)

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (http://www.iise.org/Default.aspx)


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