33 Student Surveys

Each semester, students enrolled in UTA courses supported by the UTA CARES Grant Program and by Mavs Open Press are surveyed about their experiences using OER or other educational content available at no cost. All grantees are required to survey students enrolled in courses impacted by the program, and former grantees are asked to distribute the survey each semester the OER/alternative resources are used. If the OER you created is being used by a different UTA instructor, please consider forwarding the survey request to them.

The OER team will share a link to the QuestionPro student survey several weeks before the end of classes to be distributed to students at the end of the semester. If you would prefer to distribute the survey in print (this sometimes results in a higher response rate), you may do so using the provided PDF. Grantees who choose to distribute hard copies of the surveys must provide UTA Libraries with a spreadsheet of the data and submit the original hard copies of the surveys to the Libraries OER Department. Surveys are anonymous, but if you wish to offer extra credit for completion you may ask them to submit a screenshot of the confirmation page after submitting their response. Please do not ask students to add their name or university ID to surveys distributed in print.

Survey results should be incorporated into your final report. The anonymous responses from your students will be shared with you via email after the deadline for submitting grades for the semester.

The student survey is available in the UTA ResearchCommons.


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