Book Structure and Parts

Front and back matter are included with each OER published by Mavs Open Press. This part describes the function of each section and identifies the person(s) responsible for updating each content item. When your OER is created, the Mavs Open Press team will include placeholder for the following sections. Some sections are optional and may be deleted.

Front Matter

  • About the Publisher
  • Accessibility Statement
  • About This Project
  • Acknowledgements

Back Matter

  • Glossary
  • Links by Chapter
  • Bibliography or References
  • Image Credits
  • Derivative Notes
  • Accessibility Rubric
  • Errata and Versioning History

Draft Disclaimers

All OER will include disclaimers throughout the text noting that the resource is a draft, including on the book’s landing page and in the cover image. The Mavs Open Press team will remove disclaimers prior to publication.

Please note:  This text is currently being developed.

Please be aware that there might be updates throughout the semester as we continue adding and editing content, testing for accessibility, and incorporating feedback from pilot semester(s). If you need an accessibility accommodation or have questions about the use of this text, please contact OER services at


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