13 OER Modification

The ability to remix OER is one of its most promising benefits for authors. Remixing means adapting the OER for your needs by editing content, reordering it, combining it with other material, and more. When an OER is modified, Derivative Notes section should be included in the book. Image credits, author credits, and appropriate citations should also be included.

Use the Request Pressbooks Site form to request your own site with a unique URL on UTA’s Pressbooks platform. Please note that all resources supported by Mavs Open Press must be openly licensed, allowing for downstream users to remix and reuse the content. Sites should be requested only after the project name has been finalized, as the URL cannot be changed once it has been created. In your request (or via email), please be specific about which existing resources you seek to reuse (chapter-level information whenever possible) and the order you want the content to appear in your book.

Following receipt of the site creation request, the Mavs Open Press team will create a landing page for your text with a unique URL. The text will include a “shell” of front and back matter with placeholders for all content to be added or edited by the content creators.


Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know



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