35 Post-Publication Updates

Submit Milestone Report

The OER Milestone Reporting form is for OER creation and modification projects to be published with Mavs Open Press. It is used to communicate your readiness to formally move the publication process forward on your OER. Milestones include requesting a preliminary accessibility evaluation, setting preferences for cover design and print distribution, reporting the start of your pilot period, requesting a formal accessibility evaluation, requesting publication, and requesting new exports post-publication.

OER have the advantage of ease of updates. Minor changes to the text can be incorporated by the author at any time post-publication, as long as every change is logged in the book’s Errata and Versioning History page located in the back matter. Major revisions may require a new export and release under a new version number. If you wish to create a new export of your OER, please submit an OER Milestone Form for this request and someone from the OER team will be in touch about next steps.

External Adoptions

If you know other instructors who are using your OER in their courses, please encourage them to let us know by filling out our OER Adoption Form. A link to the form is included in the About the Publisher section of every OER published by Mavs Open Press.


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