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A glossary can be created automatically by adding glossary terms to the body of your OER in the text editor. The author and project team are responsible for adding and editing glossary terms. This  section is optional.


The glossary  is a brief dictionary or alphabetically-ordered vocabulary list pertaining to the words used in explaining various topics covered in the book. It can be added in the back matter of the OER.


The example below is from Marking Open and Affordable Courses.

Achieving the Dream
An organization that assists community colleges with sustainable institutional transformation to increase student success, especially of low-income students and students of color. One initiative for their network of community colleges focuses on the increased adoption of OER.

Affordable Educational Resources
Also called Affordable Course Content or Affordable Course Materials: course materials that are significantly more affordable for students than traditional commercial textbooks and other course materials. Generally each institution defines what “affordable” means in their context, with costs ranging from $25 to $50 and $40 being the average threshold for the “affordable” designation.

Course Catalog
Also called Course Timetable or Course Schedule Platform: a college or university’s exhaustive listing of courses and programs currently and historically offered, including course titles and descriptions; course catalogs may also contain information about an institution’s policies and procedures.

Course Markings
Also called attributes, designations, tags, flags, labels: specific, searchable attributes or designations that are applied to courses, allowing students to quickly identify important information to aid in their decision making and allow them to efficiently plan their academic careers. Course markings may include letters, numbers, graphic symbols, or colors and can designate any information about a course, including service learning status, additional costs, course sequencing requirements, and whether the course fulfills specific general education requirements.


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