34 Requesting Publication

Submit Milestone Report

The OER Milestone Reporting form is for OER creation and modification projects to be published with Mavs Open Press. It is used to communicate your readiness to formally move the publication process forward on your OER. Milestones include requesting a preliminary accessibility evaluation, setting preferences for cover design and print distribution, reporting the start of your pilot period, requesting a formal accessibility evaluation, requesting publication, and requesting new exports post-publication.

Once all required accessibility remediation is complete and content is stable, you may request formal publication of the OER.  At this time, Mavs Open Press will remove draft disclosures from the text, update the publication information, archive a PDF of the OER in the UTA ResearchCommons, and index the OER in relevant open repositories, such as OERTX and the Open Textbook Library. We will contact you when the publication process is complete. Following formal publication, all changes made to the text should be logged in the book’s Errata and Versioning History page located in the back matter.

Print Publications

UTA Libraries partners with XanEdu and the UTA Bookstore to provide optional print copies of OER published by Mavs Open Press. It takes approximately three months between finalizing and publishing digital content and making it available for sale through XanEdu. Though digital OER can be updated at any time, print copies may not be updated for two calendar years following publication. Please share your print preferences using the Milestone Reporting Form.


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