1 Publishing with Mavs Open Press

Mavs Open Press offers no-cost services for UTA educators who wish to publish new or remixed OER. We provide training and technical support to help you publish your book. OER from our collection are openly licensed and offered in various formats free of charge. Publishing services include the following:

  • Offering access to and training for easy-to-use tools
  • Consulting on copyright questions
  • Obtaining an ISBN
  • Providing multiple access options, including web-based, PDF, EPUB, and print
  • Maximizing discoverability of your book through robust metadata and indexing
  • Preserving and archiving the digital content in perpetuity in the UTA ResearchCommons


UTA Libraries provide no-cost access to Pressbooks for UTA faculty, staff, and students interested in creating or modifying OER. Pressbooks is an open source web-based publishing tool that allows authors to easily import content and export the resulting publication to a variety of formats, including MOBI, EPUB, and PDF. Our publications allow embedded multimedia and interactive assessment, automatic feedback, and grade integration with Canvas.

Services Chart



Platform Pressbooks
Reader Access web version and multiple download options available free of charge in digital format to anyone around the world; no login required
Full Color yes
Interactive Media yes (maps, visuals, audio)
Print Version  Print option available for purchase in global marketplace (including Amazon) through partnership with print provider, XanEdu
Peer Review optional but encouraged; peer review facilitation is responsibility of book editors/project team; peer review templates and forms available for reuse/customization https://www1.rebus.community/#/project/aaf2b81c-678f-4074-a4b3-62831d145ae4
Format Options EPUB, PDF, MOBI, XHTML, Pressbooks XML, OpenDocument, and Common Cartridge (for LMS integration) available for download from Pressbooks landing page; digital PDF also archived in UTA ResearchCommons
Print Sales Mavs Open Press does not collect proceeds on print sales
Submission Process Submit to UTA Libraries OER Dept. (oer@uta.edu) for conversion to Pressbooks; textual edits after conversion are responsibility of book editors/project team while formatting updates will be incorporated by Mavs Open Press staff.
Copyright Authors  retain copyright but open license required (any Creative Commons license, excluding ND)
Publication Timelines Timelines are  determined by book editors/project team; Mavs Open Press will complete an accessibility evaluation before publication (2 months notice required). Copyediting and proofreading services are not provided.
Cover Design Mavs Open Press provides cover design for both digital and print versions of the text.
Publishing Costs no fees
Data Collection Mavs Open Press provides total downloads and views in Pressbooks twice per year; metrics for PDF archive available at any time directly from UTA ResearchCommons
Unique Book Identifiers URL and ISBN provided
Marketing Website promotion on UTA sites; assistance with development of marketing materials from library staff and print partner; selective social media promotion; partner with authors for additional marketing.



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